Saturday, December 17, 2011

UDK import of the Tape Measure

It lives! In game(Unreal editor) model with a lighting map baked in showing the small branch shadows. It was a fairly simple process to get the model into the editor, which is what we will be doing a lot of next semester. I'm looking forward to getting some of my other objects into Unreal.

Modular Hallway

Another learning curve! Creating this whole thing on my own was indeed a feat. It gave me a real idea of whats involved in creating a level. I'm content with this, overall I think it was a bit hard to visualize what everything would look like from the start so I had to keep back stepping to do fixes. I definitely learned what not to do on this one but still I think it is another successful project.

Support System with normals

Here is my character with the normals created from zbrush. Baring a few issues I have with the suit I'm fairly happy with this guy. I learned a lot about the importance of a good low poly and plenty about sculpting so all in all I think it was a successful project.

Support system

Here is my Support system with the working mesh and rig. These are renders of my breathing cycle.


Place holder images for my project 3 in inorganic modeling. Over the break I'm going to organize all my files and get really nice renders of all my work.

I used a marble texture on the "inside" of the hammer and on the specular level I boosted up all the cracks so they really caught the light.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tape Measured and blood

Project 2 of inorganic modeling is all done and is looking 10 times better than project 1. I'm still not completely happy with the low poly and the normal map I made but once I got the Specular map on there it really helped. The blood was added as an homage to EVERYONE ELSE putting blood on their hammers, swords and shields... I think it makes much more sense to have blood on a tape measure but that's obvious....

On to my hammer!