Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greek Pan

This was the big final project in both layout and digital painting class (a few smaller projects and a demo reel came later, but we wont worry about them right now...)
SO, the idea was to take an ancient culture and create a layout that was accurate to that society, then paint it on different layers in Photoshop and then create the pan in After Effects. I think its okay, it would look better if the far background also moved a hint but I was under time constraints near the end. For a first try though I think its successful.
The "static" painting and rough work will be coming soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Phone call

This surly fella' was for another character assignment, where we had to pose out an emotional transition. Makes little sense without the dialog so I may have to upload the text, if I can find it...
Please keep in mind this was meant to be fairly rough.

This is the final rough for my mad scientists Lab. A few this got changed as you will see once I upload it, but this is pretty solid in comparison to some of my other roughs.

These are some of my figure drawings that ended up in my demo reel, gestures at the bottom and some longer poses at the top. I'm particularly fond of the extremely foreshortened ones.

Caricature done for Digital Painting class, guess who...

Okay, its not David Duchovny. Think King Aurthur or Sin City.
There is much more to come, and it will be in no particular order. As I go through all my files for the year archiving them in my own computer I'll hopefully remember to update this blog with everything past and present.

Jekyll to Hyde

This was our final character design project: The Jekyll to Hyde, where we had to have a scientist take an experimental remedy and have it go horribly wrong. I would've liked to have had a stronger clean up before throwing the drawings into live trace because I had to do a lot of clean up in Photoshop that could have been avoided, but time was tight at the end of the semester.
Either way I'm very happy with the out come, isn't he just adorable?

The Rancor Skeleton

This was one of the projects from my character design class. We had to take an existing character, from anything, and build the working skeleton for said character. The skeleton had to be approved by our figure drawing teacher and painted digitally using Photoshop. All in all I'm happy with what I ended up with and was very pleased with my 20/20 mark :P