Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Model Sheets

I'm semi happy with the model sheets I've done. If I end up wanting them in my portfolio to get into the gaming program next year I will need to rework them a bit. More so just my cop seeing as I won't need to have the hippy unless I sculpt him too.

And here he is! In his grey scale glory:

Over the break I'm going to be painting him digitally and possibly painting the actual sculpt as well, which scares me a bit even though I can just paint over it if it didn't turn out well

After I painted I noticed some cracks on the base which actually help with the feel of broken ground beneath him, but there are also a couple cracks that will need to be patched with apoxy or more sculpy.

I'm very happy with how this turned out, especially as this was my first sculpt since play-doh.

*Photos taken by Laura Crowell*

Monday, December 6, 2010

Done sculpting!

Details first!

 Once I got the gun attached the arms started to look a lot better and didn't need much detailing to finish them off.

 Not much changed on the legs other than a final clean up and some texture as if the armour has dents.

 I ended up destroying an old video card that died on me over the summer and used a couple capacitors as coolant canisters on his back.

 The same video card donated a few cool screws that had springs wrapped around them.

 Both the shield and the gun have pieces of aluminum from the same poor video card and will hopefully look better once he's painted.